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Si due to Sandy we were without power for a week. We just got electricity back today and wifi few ours afterwards, Honestly, the darkness didn'y bother me much since I did had books to read. My biggest thing was the fact it WAS COLD. In the morning it was managaable but at night it went to 40/30 degree.

I mean, I shouldn't be complaining since there are many people that lost so much more due to Sandy. I mean, our area was lucky we only lost power. Most of my friends had similar problems. (No electricity, save for my friend David who never lost power -_-)

It's pretty heartbreaking to see and hear what so many people lost. I donate what I can, I'd volunteer but my mom is sick so she needs me. Still, it's so sad to see all the destruction that happened. (Also, FU to all the GD religious people saying Sandy was sent a punishment for allowing gay marriage. That is bullshit D8<)

Date: 2012-11-07 05:42 am (UTC)
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I really hate that sentiment from people. Sorry but if you believe your god is benevolent then that wouldn't happen, obviously.

I'm glad you're safe and with power now!

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