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I think my new Years Resolution should be post more.

Anyways, I went out today to pick my Mom's meds and hang out with my friend David. \o/ It was cold out today but whatever. We went to Nintendo World to talk to Mario....Yeah, talk to MArio. It's hard to explain, but who ever mans that Mario thing is SUPER knolegde about place and the Mario or Nintendo franchise. Seriously, so many thing.

I also got a 3ds XL for Christmas. 8DD I'm playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time~ I can't say it's my FAVORITE Zelda game since that title belongs to Majora's Mask. It certain started my obsession with it. David laughed a great deal when I drooled and pressed my face against the glass for anything Zelda related. I even slide to the ground clutch the glass. Yeah, it probably looked funny to others, but* DGAF! Seriously, so many pretty Zelda things. Granted, as much as I loved Zelda, DW beats that obsession......OTL

Afterwards, we head to Forest Hills and ate at Boston Market. We ate and talked. It was fun. Next week, I'm going to my friend Kate for pot luck. Woohoo! 8D

I miss hanging out with my BFF, Sam. It seems, for the most part I can't get a hold of her. I guess I should feel bad, but at the same time she's distancing her from me. I think it the fact that she can no longer complain about parents and stuff to me. I guess I should feel hurt, but I don't. I've noticed that Sam has been like that. I've helped her through so many things, but when I needed her there she was busy. 8C I don't mind when I hang with Sam that David comes along since she feels more comfortable about it. Part of me wonders if it okay to accept this, but at the same time, all of Sam's drama had me in a tizzy.

Especially, her obsession with weight lose. Sometimes, it's like talking with her is a brick wall. *Sigh* Still, I'll contact her next week to see if she wants to hang. I mean, I can't complain about friends, I've made many new ones this year. So, hopefully last ear terribleness will get better. In the meantime, I will play more Zelda!

Also, I beat the Bottom of the Well super quick, b/c IT FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT. *hides* The Master Quest made is worse. I can watch horror movies but those don't affect me, but the Bottom of the WELL in Zelda does.....I have no clue why. I mean the Shadow Temple is WORSE, but I love that Temple ....It confuses me. 8|a I blame the Dead Hand.

Also, the Hobbit was greeeeat. I NEED TO SEE IT MANY MORE TIMES. I need to beat my Avengers re-watch number....Which was 7....>> << Nooo, it's no excessive.....Also, Django Unchained.
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