Mar. 6th, 2012

kinirokitsune: (Oh you~)
So, I dropped of my job application at Gamestop today. With any luck, I'm get and interview and possibly a job soon. Hooray~

Apart from that I went to exchange my DVR on Saturday. I feel a bit stupid thinking it was going to be a quick affair. Well, trading it in was a quick affair. The man just nodded and got me a replacement DVR. No, the reason it took me nearly 4 hours for a quick trip that should have lasted an hour was the waiting time. There was a huge line of people. It took me about an hour before I was able to talk to a rep. Still, I wasn't bored at all due to the fact I brought my PSP. I played Final Fantasy IV.

It was mostly grinding and a boss battle, but it helped pass the time. After that I exchanged the Dvr, I got Taco Bell and went home. Of course, when I got to main street I saw the sign inside Gamestop about job openings. SInce they were out of apps, I went to library and printed out the app. I play a got of game and al of my systems, including my NES, are in perfect working condition. (Yes, my NES still works O_O)

Okay, since I was in Main Street. I decided to grab milk tea. Now it's time for MILK TEA SHOP REVIEWS!


Milk Tea review )

Last but not least, Random Video time. This time I chose something nostalgic. As a litte girl, I occasionally watched Jem, but I wasn't that into the show. I re-watched it about two years ago, I vaguely remember liking the songs. Still, it was amusing to watch, I think I realize WHY I didn't like watching Jem. It's because I preferred the Misfits over Jem and the holograms. I find that pretty amusing. Then again, I always did prefer amazing or interesting villains over overly perfect protagonists. I find it amazing that even at that age I was picky about that sort of stuff. (It also explains why I stopped watching Stark Trek. Damn you, Wesley! *SHAKES FIST* Though, Will Wheaton is thoroughly amusing Xp It's that or Deep Space Nine)

So, while I was surfing Youtube, I found my favorite song, Takin' It All. Then, I found the same version of the song in Spanish 8DDD So, here is Llevatelo!

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