Mar. 7th, 2012

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Molly tea, why must you always be sold out? I want to buy you. At this point, you're making me want to just give in an buy Mycroft.

*Drinks some more Jasmine tea*
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I realize my mind becomes a dangerous pace when hyped up on tea and sugar.

Anyways, I was suffering around and ended up reading a post about that once you're an adult you can't like kid things. Frankly, I think that is bullshit. I'm 23 and still think Cocoa Puffs is the BEST CEREAL EVER. (I eat other cereal, but Cocoa puffs and Lucky Charms rock my socks) Granted, I do eat other cereals, but I love Puffs the best. Did you know, that I once went to the supermarket and got the dirtiest look from some woman for buying Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms? Seriously, she looked at me like I had killed someone's puppy.

It's CEREAL not brain surgery. Besides, I don't give a damn. I'll eat kiddie cereals if I like and drink juice boxes, too. B| ......Now I have a hanker for a happy meal....If only for the toy XD Anyways, my grandmother thinks I'm off for liking cartoons and the such...Okay, MY Little Pony is for little girls, but it's still a good series. (Sam smacks my hand whenever I mention ponies 8C) Honestly, I don't get the whole, you can't watch series that isn't part of you age range. I mean, I remember being 12 and watching Blue's Clue's.

I thought Steven was hilarious and Blue adorable~ I knew about a few other kids in my class watched it in secret. Of course, nearly everyone one ridiculed me for liking stuff that wasn't normals. (I liked musicals, Harry Potter, Invader ZIm, Rugrats and DBZ) Granted, they thought I was a baby and weird for not watching Sex and the City. (Catholic schoolers ladies and gentlemen) We were all 12. I watched SitC once and was bored to death. (At the age of 12, 18 and 22) I still don't get the appeal. Was it because it was an "adult" show?

I never tried to act grown up when I was a kid. I liked what I like and got ridiculed for it. (I remember the Hanson craze. I don't even know why the girls in my class liked them) I did get on board on the Boy band craze....Of course, at the time, it was to 'WRONG" boy band. I was, and still sorta am, a N*Sync fan. Of course, I became popular when they realized I liked the band, but told them to F8ck off cuz I had like them before they were famous. :P

Now back to original topic, I'm still wondering why Sex in the City was what everyone was talking about in 8th grade. To me, it was boring show about women who talked about their sex life...I still don't get the show. Granted, it could be the fact I have no interest in sex what so ever. Though, I think my reasoning for everyone liking that show cuz it was new and forbidden~ It was "grown-up" show....Okay, now I'm thinking too hard about it and giving myself a headache.

Still hate Sex and the City though! I never got into Buffy either....The only show I remember being into was Charmed, I remember liking the Last season of Angel. Granted I had no frikkin cue what was going on, but it was fun to watch. I did end up loving Supernatural and Smallville. Sadly, my interest in Smallville died somewhere between Tess and...Oliver Queen's appearance. As for Supernatural, the series finished at season 5. Season 6 and 7 don't exist. Lalalalalala. *Sticks finger into ears*

Seriously, I liked Lisa and the fact that Dean finally got himself a normal little family. (This is coming for a Castiel/Dean fangirl XD) SO, yeah happy ending. In my mind, it was Lisa, Ben and Dean living together with Dean trying to adjust to civilian life with the occasionally Castiel visit. Castiel became the weird Angel!Uncle while Ben tries, just like Dean, to show the angel the wonderfulness of what boys his age like. Castiel keeps not getting, but tries anyways since it's "FUN'. Lisa is amused by this and still a little freaked out that they have an angel that regularly visits them.

What? I sometimes like nice happy endings.

I'm looking through a list of anime. I know I should finish trying to watch Madoka since it's very interesting, but don't have the motivation to finish. I'm also wondering what other show to watch. I have no clue.

Oh, I'm gonna go visit my mom tomorrow! She's at the rehab place. (By rehab, I mean to hep her walk again, not the other kind) She's managed to walk with a little bit of help. I have no clue how much longer she'll be there, but I hope maybe not too long. Still, I'm happy that she is getting better. I'm sorta hoping next week come sooner, since the Gamestop manager won't get there ti' next week. Still, looking at other jobs jic GS doesn't work out. ( Sorta hope it does)

Also, this isn't so much a random video as much as one my favoritee Nostalgia Critic reviews. While, it not my absolute favorite, since that goes to many different ones. (Though my tos favorite are Babes in Toyland, IT and Nostalgia Critic Christmas. FOr crossover, it has to be Ferngully, Leprechaun and Suburban Knights.) Anyways, her's the Nostalgia Critics review of Casper!

Casper~ )

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