Mar. 9th, 2012

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This is one of my old tea from my LJ. I'm putting this up cuz EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW BAD COMEBUY IS.

Also, which format for bubble tea reviews is preferable. This one of the other one I'm going to type up in a few minutes.

Name of Store: 

Address: 136-20 space#116 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel- None available


Appearance: It's a fairly small store, but it's a lively little place and the staff seem to be quite cheerful. There is music playing the the background at all this.

Pros: The staff, my server, was quite cheerful and patient. The atmosphere is always cheerful. They offer milk teas, fresh juices, slushes and coffee. Most of the times, the have two for one specials or various other specials.  The place offers small membership cards that once filled, you get a free drink.

Cons: Again, it a very small place. (Well, to me it a small space) There are only two seats available. It tends to get pretty packed during the night hours. Despite the number of people working in the back, it take almost 5 minutes to get your drink even if there is only on person in front of you. Since it has no air conditioning, they open the doors and flies tend to fly in. While the have various drinks to select, they have a limited numbers of flavors. (Each drink item, except for the coffees, has ten flavors. )


Taro Milk Tea with bubbles
Cost:  3.00

Pros: Unlike other places, the taro milk tea does not leave a strong nutty aftertaste, which, in most cases, is one factor that tends to put people off Taro. They use only the smallest amount of ice when make the drink, so when it melts, the flavor isn't watered down. It's pretty mild tasting and not overly sweet. (Again, it's the sweetness and nuttiness that drive people away from Taro)

Cons: The drink itself don't seem to be well mixed. The powder they use to make the drink can be tasted a bit at first, but becomes more prominent once you reach the bottom. If you a big fan of bubbles, also known as pearls or tapioca, then you'll be quite disappointed. The bubbles, unlike other places, are quite small and very sweet.   When the two mix, the drink becomes much sweeter, not by much, but if your not fond of overly sweet bubbles, like me, it will put you off. Since the bubbles are quite small, they go down your throat quicker and leave you no chance to taste. Additionally,  they are a little of a bit of a chocking hazard when drinking. They charge you extra for bubbles which are free in most places.

Rating: ☆☆1/2 / ★★★★★

Final Opinion - I'm a big bubble tea drinker who adores bubbles. I was very disappointed that the bubbles where so tiny that you just swallowed them without have the chance to chew, I'm not fond that it cost extra to have bubble added which would haven't mind if the bubble were big and not over sweet. While I did like that fact that you didn't get the nutty aftertaste, which I do like, the fact that you could taste the powder was a big let down. I'm not sure If I would buy again from this place.

Also, the selection they have seem to very specialized. Most flavors, like pudding milk tea or vanilla milk teas, are not flavors I'm willing to try. Additionally, their price are a bit higher then most places While I won't say it's a bad place, I would advise you to think carefully if you'll purchase from Comebuy. There are various other tea places in the area with better teas and larger selections.
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Just a question to those on my DW friend list that have paid accounts. Is it worth getting it? I mean, I'm a big fan of extra icons and stuff, but apart from that are there any other features that are worth getting a paid account? Aside from everything that hey have listed? (DW, why can't you just

Okay, I am miffed. The molly tea was finally available, but as I was trying to buy it there wasn't enough money of my credit card which was easy to fix. Then, when I tried to get it, the site won't let me.....Nooooooo, so close! *SOB* I'll get you Molly Hooper, if it's the last thing I'll do! (Points for anyone who recognizes that quote Xp)

Anyways, visited my mom today. She can walk now! 8D Also, her feet aren't in an odd position, but normal and her ankles aren't swollen. Hurray!

Okay, it time for bubble tea review, but here's a little history about me, bubble tea and Quickly's.

Now, I'm not sure when bubble became big. My first ever time tasting bubble tea was sometime in 2003. It was at a little manga/tea place that no longer exists. Now, I tried it there for the first time and was hooked. (I also met my BFF Sam there) Anyways, after it closed down, I discovered quickly purely by accident and was hooked. Then, about a few (maybe 2 or more years ago) I stopped going there due to taste reasons and that flavor being unbearable sweet. Now, since I love bubble tea and I promised myself I'd review all the places...It mean review all the Quickly's in main....

Onto the Bubble tea review!

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I racked my brain on which videos to post today. Until, I decided to put up the first ever non-Sailor Moon AMV I saw. Oddly enough, I found this video hilarious. Oddly enough after so many years, I only know 4 of the anime they used. (Utena, Slayers, Project A-ko and Visions of Escaflowne) Also, at this point I knew nothing about Slayers, so the Gourry made go 8|a. Anyways, about a few years later, I did end up watching it and fell in love with the series.

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