Mar. 12th, 2012

kinirokitsune: Teacup (Mmmm....Tea)
Hey guys, remember a few entries ago I was lamenting the fact I wasn't able to get my hands on Molly Hooper tea. Well, I was wrong. Apparently, the order did go threw. I got my order on Saturday. The only reason I knew this was when I decided to check my email and received a letter saying 'Your tea has arrived'. So, I ran out at night to fetch the mail. Lo' and behold, a tiny package had arrived for me. It was my Molly tea. So, I went to the kitchen and opened it up. My god. It smelled soooo sweeeet. Though, I tired some yesterday. The tea isn't that sweet, but it's a nice tea blend to drink before going to bed.

Aside from that, nothing new happened. Tomorrow, I hand with Sam. Anyways, I go finish my tea and finish watch this random episode of My Little Pony.

As for this video, it the intro to one of my favorite cartoon that I watched in the 90's. Raise your hand if you watched this series too. Also, What was your favorite cartoon to watch as a kid. (I had a TON I love to watch. Tiny Toon, Animaniacs, Road ROver. Darkwing Duck, X-men and Gargoyles. This list would go on forever if I listed all of my favorite shows)

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