Mar. 16th, 2012

kinirokitsune: Teacup (Mmmm....Tea)
So, I went to Sam's house today. It took me a while to get there due to the dam buses running late. Bah! Anyways, when I arrived I said hi to her mom before heading to her room. We watched a little of Addams Family Values which is one of my favorite Addam's movie. Sometime during the movie, her mom brought in Ramyeon which was extremely tasty~ DAMN YOU SAM. I will never eat Japanese ramen again. -3-

After that, her mom left for awhile and we settle down to play Kingdom Hearts. Well, she played KH and I watched. I told her about the more intricate thing of KH. Such as the meaning of the wand, sword and shield in the beginning. Also, I told her about the answer influence the game play and how to beat the three man team up of Yuffie, Tidus and Wakka. (Seriously though, Wakka doesn't sound like a kid. His VA make him sound like a shrunken adult) Also, gave her tips on defeating Rikku.

Despite KH being one of my favorite game, I could help but notice several of the terrible things about the game. First, I noticed the voice acting, which mind you, isn't terrible, but sounds terrible cheesy or forced. The character designs make me cringe, Aerith's hair made me go >_<. Also, the camera controls are shit! Still, it's a good game, but not without it's many faults.

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As usual, it's time for random video. It took me a while to decide what to post. So, it just picked something out of my favorite list. IT's one my many favorite Weird Al songs.

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