Apr. 14th, 2012

kinirokitsune: Renge being a fangirl (Fangirling in Progress)
Anyways, all of last week and the week before was going to open calls and handing in resumes. So, far no call back or need to wait a few more til I get a response. I am impatient. Seriously, I'd be happier if someone just called me and said, 'Thank you for you time, but we decided to go with another person'. That way I'd stop being so antsy.

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Aside from that this week I have no idea what to do, but today will apparently the day a watch a fuckton of Kamen Rider episode. Thank you Katelyn....I feel over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about KM....DAMN YOU KATELYN! (Not really, I been want to get into it since forever'

Also, blame today's video on David. We talked about stuff and America and Britain's Got Talent. We say a bunch of vids and I was sworn to secrecy over something. Dave, if you happen to come across this. SEE I SAID NOTHING. Anyways, all I can say is enjoy Prince Poppycock...Man, that sentence felt weird to write. (I plan to dl on my phone, so I can show to my mum. She loves opera and she'd LOVE this video)

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