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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I guess it took me a while to stop freaking out over the fact my mom has been finally diagnosed with lupus. It all felt so surreal. It felt like I was five years old all over again. (Meaning: My mother being in pain, but the doctors not knowing what was wrong with my mother. Then after nearly two years of waiting, we find out it's sclerosing cholangitis) Though, I'm happy that we found out so quickly and found a doctor willing to help her.

Additionally, there I have friends who are here to support me and no one telling me, "Your mom is going to die get over it." (Yes, I was told this at the age of five by ANOTHER ADULT. WHO SAYS THAT TO A KID?)

Anyways, I'm still freaking out. Also, it doesn't help that are a ton of other things that are freaking me out.

So, that the update for now. Sorry that it's a sad update. (Though, this time I'm not a sobbing mess. I got it mostly out of my system.)

Oh, on the other hand. My mom now has Medicaid again. 8D YAY! No more hospital worries!
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