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Anyways, all of last week and the week before was going to open calls and handing in resumes. So, far no call back or need to wait a few more til I get a response. I am impatient. Seriously, I'd be happier if someone just called me and said, 'Thank you for you time, but we decided to go with another person'. That way I'd stop being so antsy.

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Aside from that this week I have no idea what to do, but today will apparently the day a watch a fuckton of Kamen Rider episode. Thank you Katelyn....I feel over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about KM....DAMN YOU KATELYN! (Not really, I been want to get into it since forever'

Also, blame today's video on David. We talked about stuff and America and Britain's Got Talent. We say a bunch of vids and I was sworn to secrecy over something. Dave, if you happen to come across this. SEE I SAID NOTHING. Anyways, all I can say is enjoy Prince Poppycock...Man, that sentence felt weird to write. (I plan to dl on my phone, so I can show to my mum. She loves opera and she'd LOVE this video)

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I swear to GOD I hated my fucking laptop. I mean, it's a temperamental bitch. Seriously, it was work fine then BOOM. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

It was like all, "Nope, you not gonna mess with me man. FUCK I AM REBELLING!' Then about a day ago, I turn it on and working properly. Okay, no I reset it manufacturer settings then it started behaving itself. Seriously, Jesus Christ on a fucking pogo stick. When I get a job, FIRST THING IMMA GONNA DO IT BUY A NEW LAPTOP.

Okay, no. First pay check is gonna a for serious clothes shopping spree. I am going with Step cuz she has fashion sense. Also, maybe Sam but maybe not. She may be my BBF, but seriously not it much girly stuff.

Anyways, with my anger against technology abated. (Though, I got rid most of it on the first day by screaming into my pillow then playing KH and wailing on heartless and baddies....Mostly wailing on Tidus) A few things have happened in the meantime I was gone. Also, gonna start reading journals since my smartphone says hell to dw,

I did get to see the Hunger Games last Tuesday. I have to say, the movie really is well worth all the reviews is has gotten. Granted, the thing the did annoy me a bit was all the shakey cam that they used through the film. Still, it didn't take away from the movie but was one little aspect that served to not make it a super fantastic film. Also, I guess the romance thing sorta annoyed me, but not THAT much. I mean, I dislike romance in action movies, but this one was alright. Granted it came a little too fast for me, considering the circumstances in the movie, it does make sense. It makes me want to go read the books to see if it's any difference. The whole romance bit especially. Though, I heard there was a bit more romance in the book than the movie. If you can't guess. I am not a fan of romance films.

Also, last Saturday I was supposed to meet with Sam, but frikkin overslept. Anyways, we were supposed to go see Hunger Games. (Yes, again) In the end we didn't since it was too late by the time we would get there. Anyways, we made our way to Manhattan and entered the LUSH store there. It was really nice and we got free facials. I got some sample to use for home which are working alright with my somewhat finicky skin. (Combination and sensitive? HELL NAH)

Anyways! The girl at the LUSH store? She was part of the NY JEDI. Eeeeeh. I love the NY JEDI. Not a real big Star Wars geek, but I love watching them perform~ So, she was one the fighters that goes there to fight. Anyways, I told her how sad I was that NYJ did go this year to Comic Con. Seriously, it was the one thing to look forward to. She was so happy to find out that someone was into and liked her character. Anyways, she was really sweet and a geek girl. We talked a whole bunch about cosplaying, wig etc. Afterwards, Sam and I went to Kinokuniya to look at stuff before the closed. Afterwards, we went to eat pizza and went home.

Anyways, I FINALLY found my mom's birth certificate. Phew. Seriously, my mom's closet has too much stuff in there. TONS OF PURSES. They're not the TINY ones, but the big ass one. Still, after so long I found it. (Okay, my grandfather found it, but I've looked through the pile at least 3 times. So, no wonder I did want to look through it again.) So, tomorrow off to see her and give the social worker a copy so my mom can have Medicaid, yay! Phew. At least I'll know that my mom won't have to worry about medical expenses is she has Medicaid. ME?

I'm healthy. If I find a job that offers healthcare. Sweet~ If not, I find affordable healthcare. Anyways, I've applied to a few waitress jobs. I mean, I have experience. Three damn years working in my mom's restaurant before that jerk swindled out my mom's hard earned cash. (WE WILL SUE THAT MAN) Also, TIPS MAN. TIPS

Anyways, this is me signing off. So, have some Lumberjacks~

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Sorry, that I've been sort DOA on DW. I fully blame my weakness for new games and of course puzzles. Thankfully, I finished the game, so the need to play is out of my system. Also...DAMN YOU LAYTON! YOU'RE ENDING MADE ME CRYYYY. Seriously, it was a pretty sad ending. Though, the credits made the game end on a happier....Unfortunately, it makes me want to buy ALLLL the other Layton games in existance....Well, the ones that exist in the US.

Anyways, last week I went to visit my mom mom twice. The first time, I brought her some frozen yogurt from Red Mango. Somehow, I knew that she would want some and I bought one for my grandpa too. My mom really liked it since it had been so long that she ate frozen yogurt or ice cream. Anyways, visited her for a short while the first day before walking back home. The second time, I went there in the hopes of fixing a problem that I thought was needed. In the end, I didn't need to go but managed to snag some rice balls along the way. It ended up being a win/win situation. Whoo

The rest of the week was pretty much uneventful. Well, other than the fact I was practicing all the old parapara dances that I haven't practices in a while. So, I've had to sorta re-learn so parts. (Mostly is was Cirno's Math Class dance that I need to practice) Speaking of dances, I can now do the first minute of the Bad Apple dance! Yay! It's taken me about two weeks, which is no bad. Sure, it's longer than expected, but it's a difficult dance.

I managed to see the first two episode of Legend of Korra. I won't gush and say that it's a perfect show since it isn't, but it's pretty good. I like Korra. She's not my favorite, still a little too early to decide but Bolin is deingfinitely steal my heart. It was nice to see that despite being the Avatar, Korra is still punish. Also, Tenzin is hilariously seriously. Though, my favorite is Meela, quiet yet snarky. I'm looking forward to see what the future episode bring. Though, I did go "Noooooooooo' when I found out Aang was dead. I'm also dreading to find out which other character died. (Please, not Toph or Suki)

Today, my grandfather and I went to the airport the change money. It was fairly straight forward. I fell asleep on the bus while going to the airport.

Also, the random video. It's a list of Hispanic Heroes....YAY! The only heroes I don't know was Admiral Adama. Everyone else, I grew up. Granted, I only watch the Santo movies once or twice and was bored to death.

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Yesterday, David and I hung out. It was pretty fun! First, we went to eat at a place called Georgia dinner. OMG GAIS The French onion soup there is DELICIOUS~ It was soooo long since I had it. Seriously a great place to eat. Anyways, after we finished eating and paying we headed out and walked around for a bit before heading into the mall and went to Target.

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Sam may be my BBF, but her knowledge on game is limited. Granted, her parent don't let her play VG, so I understand. Also, I need to find more RL friends that are into games. I get lonely not being able to squeal like a banshee at the arrival of new game. 8<

Also, I got bored today and did a bunch of quizzes, but this one I liked

You Are a Gamer Geek

Gamer Geekiness: Highest

Movie Geekiness: Highest

SciFi Geekiness: Highest

Geekiness in Love: High

Internet Geekiness: High

Academic Geekiness: Low

Music Geekiness: Low

Fashion Geekiness: None

Nerdy Geekiness: None

For this video, I decided to show you an awesome nail design video I found~ It's super easy. I actually just need to get the gray Nail polish to do this one....And a better nail polish remover >.>

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So, I went to Sam's house today. It took me a while to get there due to the dam buses running late. Bah! Anyways, when I arrived I said hi to her mom before heading to her room. We watched a little of Addams Family Values which is one of my favorite Addam's movie. Sometime during the movie, her mom brought in Ramyeon which was extremely tasty~ DAMN YOU SAM. I will never eat Japanese ramen again. -3-

After that, her mom left for awhile and we settle down to play Kingdom Hearts. Well, she played KH and I watched. I told her about the more intricate thing of KH. Such as the meaning of the wand, sword and shield in the beginning. Also, I told her about the answer influence the game play and how to beat the three man team up of Yuffie, Tidus and Wakka. (Seriously though, Wakka doesn't sound like a kid. His VA make him sound like a shrunken adult) Also, gave her tips on defeating Rikku.

Despite KH being one of my favorite game, I could help but notice several of the terrible things about the game. First, I noticed the voice acting, which mind you, isn't terrible, but sounds terrible cheesy or forced. The character designs make me cringe, Aerith's hair made me go >_<. Also, the camera controls are shit! Still, it's a good game, but not without it's many faults.

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As usual, it's time for random video. It took me a while to decide what to post. So, it just picked something out of my favorite list. IT's one my many favorite Weird Al songs.

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Sorry, I haven't post in the last few days~ I've been busy the last few days, but I have been reading journal. Sorry, I haven't posted comments! My brain refused to cooperate.

So, Gamestop hasn't called, but I'm still hoping they might contact me since they only took done the 'We're accepting applications' today. Besides, the guy said last Tuesday he wouldn't be in til this week. So, I'm still hopeful, but I'm still applying for other stuff jic

Anyways, went to visit Mom on Tuesday and then met up with Sam. We ate at BK then walked to my house which was only a 1/2 hour walk from Main Street. We talked about a few topics that I won't repeat since they are "hot" topics. Anyways, when we got here we watch a bunch of videos and played a little of FF9 which she let me borrow. 8D I made tea for her and me. We enjoyed it. (She loved the Molly tea)

I visited my Mom today again. She is doing great. I walked home and visited Chatime and bought some bubble tea. At the moment, I cannot find the review I wrote done, but I did buy another bubble in case I can't find it.

Anyways, I've been thinking of taking up knitting since it will keep hands busy. I have a tendency to bite my nails if I get nervous. Though, I haven't done such a thing yet since ya know I have nail polish on. Anyone here has knitted before and know good books that teach knitting? I could teach myself to sew, but that require stealing my gran's needles and she tends to ask questions. X\

Apart from that, I have NO IDEA WHY, but I am learning the Renai Circulation dance. It's moderately hard. Okay, the thing that I keep meesing up is the hands movement in the beginning. Why is it that this is tougher to learn than the BAd Apple Dance, but that one is hard too. Though, the feet movement is easier, but the timing is a bit harder for me, but I'll get it eventually....

Tomorrow, I am heading to Sam's place to eat and do stuff. Saturday I am hanging with David. So, plans...I has them!

Here is the dance I am attempting to learn. Yeah, it's arm part that I keep messing in the begging. Everything else is, oddly enough, cake.
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Hey guys, remember a few entries ago I was lamenting the fact I wasn't able to get my hands on Molly Hooper tea. Well, I was wrong. Apparently, the order did go threw. I got my order on Saturday. The only reason I knew this was when I decided to check my email and received a letter saying 'Your tea has arrived'. So, I ran out at night to fetch the mail. Lo' and behold, a tiny package had arrived for me. It was my Molly tea. So, I went to the kitchen and opened it up. My god. It smelled soooo sweeeet. Though, I tired some yesterday. The tea isn't that sweet, but it's a nice tea blend to drink before going to bed.

Aside from that, nothing new happened. Tomorrow, I hand with Sam. Anyways, I go finish my tea and finish watch this random episode of My Little Pony.

As for this video, it the intro to one of my favorite cartoon that I watched in the 90's. Raise your hand if you watched this series too. Also, What was your favorite cartoon to watch as a kid. (I had a TON I love to watch. Tiny Toon, Animaniacs, Road ROver. Darkwing Duck, X-men and Gargoyles. This list would go on forever if I listed all of my favorite shows)

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I got bored today, so I did my nails. I think they came out okay. The only thing that bothers me, which is nothing major, is that the gold polish on my right pointer finger looks odd and lumpy. Also, forgive me on the bad pic quality. I used my smart phone to take the pictures since the charger to my camera has disappeared.


Aside from that, today was pretty boring. I am also hooked to NCIS. Damn you USA channel for having interesting shows! *SHAKES FIST*

Also, this meme was blatantly stolen from [profile] fairswells It's pretty much a question meme t get to know all my new journal friends.

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Has you guys been reading any good books lately? I haven't read anything in the longest time and I want to find a few things to read. My only stipulation is no Romance novels....and...that's it I think.

Also, this is one of my favorite movie. This was the first Leslie Neilson movie and vampire movie that I ever saw.

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Just a question to those on my DW friend list that have paid accounts. Is it worth getting it? I mean, I'm a big fan of extra icons and stuff, but apart from that are there any other features that are worth getting a paid account? Aside from everything that hey have listed? (DW, why can't you just

Okay, I am miffed. The molly tea was finally available, but as I was trying to buy it there wasn't enough money of my credit card which was easy to fix. Then, when I tried to get it, the site won't let me.....Nooooooo, so close! *SOB* I'll get you Molly Hooper, if it's the last thing I'll do! (Points for anyone who recognizes that quote Xp)

Anyways, visited my mom today. She can walk now! 8D Also, her feet aren't in an odd position, but normal and her ankles aren't swollen. Hurray!

Okay, it time for bubble tea review, but here's a little history about me, bubble tea and Quickly's.

Now, I'm not sure when bubble became big. My first ever time tasting bubble tea was sometime in 2003. It was at a little manga/tea place that no longer exists. Now, I tried it there for the first time and was hooked. (I also met my BFF Sam there) Anyways, after it closed down, I discovered quickly purely by accident and was hooked. Then, about a few (maybe 2 or more years ago) I stopped going there due to taste reasons and that flavor being unbearable sweet. Now, since I love bubble tea and I promised myself I'd review all the places...It mean review all the Quickly's in main....

Onto the Bubble tea review!

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I racked my brain on which videos to post today. Until, I decided to put up the first ever non-Sailor Moon AMV I saw. Oddly enough, I found this video hilarious. Oddly enough after so many years, I only know 4 of the anime they used. (Utena, Slayers, Project A-ko and Visions of Escaflowne) Also, at this point I knew nothing about Slayers, so the Gourry made go 8|a. Anyways, about a few years later, I did end up watching it and fell in love with the series.

Sorry for multiple edits since the cut function is refusing to work Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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This is one of my old tea from my LJ. I'm putting this up cuz EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW BAD COMEBUY IS.

Also, which format for bubble tea reviews is preferable. This one of the other one I'm going to type up in a few minutes.

Name of Store: 

Address: 136-20 space#116 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel- None available


Appearance: It's a fairly small store, but it's a lively little place and the staff seem to be quite cheerful. There is music playing the the background at all this.

Pros: The staff, my server, was quite cheerful and patient. The atmosphere is always cheerful. They offer milk teas, fresh juices, slushes and coffee. Most of the times, the have two for one specials or various other specials.  The place offers small membership cards that once filled, you get a free drink.

Cons: Again, it a very small place. (Well, to me it a small space) There are only two seats available. It tends to get pretty packed during the night hours. Despite the number of people working in the back, it take almost 5 minutes to get your drink even if there is only on person in front of you. Since it has no air conditioning, they open the doors and flies tend to fly in. While the have various drinks to select, they have a limited numbers of flavors. (Each drink item, except for the coffees, has ten flavors. )


Taro Milk Tea with bubbles
Cost:  3.00

Pros: Unlike other places, the taro milk tea does not leave a strong nutty aftertaste, which, in most cases, is one factor that tends to put people off Taro. They use only the smallest amount of ice when make the drink, so when it melts, the flavor isn't watered down. It's pretty mild tasting and not overly sweet. (Again, it's the sweetness and nuttiness that drive people away from Taro)

Cons: The drink itself don't seem to be well mixed. The powder they use to make the drink can be tasted a bit at first, but becomes more prominent once you reach the bottom. If you a big fan of bubbles, also known as pearls or tapioca, then you'll be quite disappointed. The bubbles, unlike other places, are quite small and very sweet.   When the two mix, the drink becomes much sweeter, not by much, but if your not fond of overly sweet bubbles, like me, it will put you off. Since the bubbles are quite small, they go down your throat quicker and leave you no chance to taste. Additionally,  they are a little of a bit of a chocking hazard when drinking. They charge you extra for bubbles which are free in most places.

Rating: ☆☆1/2 / ★★★★★

Final Opinion - I'm a big bubble tea drinker who adores bubbles. I was very disappointed that the bubbles where so tiny that you just swallowed them without have the chance to chew, I'm not fond that it cost extra to have bubble added which would haven't mind if the bubble were big and not over sweet. While I did like that fact that you didn't get the nutty aftertaste, which I do like, the fact that you could taste the powder was a big let down. I'm not sure If I would buy again from this place.

Also, the selection they have seem to very specialized. Most flavors, like pudding milk tea or vanilla milk teas, are not flavors I'm willing to try. Additionally, their price are a bit higher then most places While I won't say it's a bad place, I would advise you to think carefully if you'll purchase from Comebuy. There are various other tea places in the area with better teas and larger selections.
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I realize my mind becomes a dangerous pace when hyped up on tea and sugar.

Anyways, I was suffering around and ended up reading a post about that once you're an adult you can't like kid things. Frankly, I think that is bullshit. I'm 23 and still think Cocoa Puffs is the BEST CEREAL EVER. (I eat other cereal, but Cocoa puffs and Lucky Charms rock my socks) Granted, I do eat other cereals, but I love Puffs the best. Did you know, that I once went to the supermarket and got the dirtiest look from some woman for buying Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms? Seriously, she looked at me like I had killed someone's puppy.

It's CEREAL not brain surgery. Besides, I don't give a damn. I'll eat kiddie cereals if I like and drink juice boxes, too. B| ......Now I have a hanker for a happy meal....If only for the toy XD Anyways, my grandmother thinks I'm off for liking cartoons and the such...Okay, MY Little Pony is for little girls, but it's still a good series. (Sam smacks my hand whenever I mention ponies 8C) Honestly, I don't get the whole, you can't watch series that isn't part of you age range. I mean, I remember being 12 and watching Blue's Clue's.

I thought Steven was hilarious and Blue adorable~ I knew about a few other kids in my class watched it in secret. Of course, nearly everyone one ridiculed me for liking stuff that wasn't normals. (I liked musicals, Harry Potter, Invader ZIm, Rugrats and DBZ) Granted, they thought I was a baby and weird for not watching Sex and the City. (Catholic schoolers ladies and gentlemen) We were all 12. I watched SitC once and was bored to death. (At the age of 12, 18 and 22) I still don't get the appeal. Was it because it was an "adult" show?

I never tried to act grown up when I was a kid. I liked what I like and got ridiculed for it. (I remember the Hanson craze. I don't even know why the girls in my class liked them) I did get on board on the Boy band craze....Of course, at the time, it was to 'WRONG" boy band. I was, and still sorta am, a N*Sync fan. Of course, I became popular when they realized I liked the band, but told them to F8ck off cuz I had like them before they were famous. :P

Now back to original topic, I'm still wondering why Sex in the City was what everyone was talking about in 8th grade. To me, it was boring show about women who talked about their sex life...I still don't get the show. Granted, it could be the fact I have no interest in sex what so ever. Though, I think my reasoning for everyone liking that show cuz it was new and forbidden~ It was "grown-up" show....Okay, now I'm thinking too hard about it and giving myself a headache.

Still hate Sex and the City though! I never got into Buffy either....The only show I remember being into was Charmed, I remember liking the Last season of Angel. Granted I had no frikkin cue what was going on, but it was fun to watch. I did end up loving Supernatural and Smallville. Sadly, my interest in Smallville died somewhere between Tess and...Oliver Queen's appearance. As for Supernatural, the series finished at season 5. Season 6 and 7 don't exist. Lalalalalala. *Sticks finger into ears*

Seriously, I liked Lisa and the fact that Dean finally got himself a normal little family. (This is coming for a Castiel/Dean fangirl XD) SO, yeah happy ending. In my mind, it was Lisa, Ben and Dean living together with Dean trying to adjust to civilian life with the occasionally Castiel visit. Castiel became the weird Angel!Uncle while Ben tries, just like Dean, to show the angel the wonderfulness of what boys his age like. Castiel keeps not getting, but tries anyways since it's "FUN'. Lisa is amused by this and still a little freaked out that they have an angel that regularly visits them.

What? I sometimes like nice happy endings.

I'm looking through a list of anime. I know I should finish trying to watch Madoka since it's very interesting, but don't have the motivation to finish. I'm also wondering what other show to watch. I have no clue.

Oh, I'm gonna go visit my mom tomorrow! She's at the rehab place. (By rehab, I mean to hep her walk again, not the other kind) She's managed to walk with a little bit of help. I have no clue how much longer she'll be there, but I hope maybe not too long. Still, I'm happy that she is getting better. I'm sorta hoping next week come sooner, since the Gamestop manager won't get there ti' next week. Still, looking at other jobs jic GS doesn't work out. ( Sorta hope it does)

Also, this isn't so much a random video as much as one my favoritee Nostalgia Critic reviews. While, it not my absolute favorite, since that goes to many different ones. (Though my tos favorite are Babes in Toyland, IT and Nostalgia Critic Christmas. FOr crossover, it has to be Ferngully, Leprechaun and Suburban Knights.) Anyways, her's the Nostalgia Critics review of Casper!

Casper~ )
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Molly tea, why must you always be sold out? I want to buy you. At this point, you're making me want to just give in an buy Mycroft.

*Drinks some more Jasmine tea*
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So, I dropped of my job application at Gamestop today. With any luck, I'm get and interview and possibly a job soon. Hooray~

Apart from that I went to exchange my DVR on Saturday. I feel a bit stupid thinking it was going to be a quick affair. Well, trading it in was a quick affair. The man just nodded and got me a replacement DVR. No, the reason it took me nearly 4 hours for a quick trip that should have lasted an hour was the waiting time. There was a huge line of people. It took me about an hour before I was able to talk to a rep. Still, I wasn't bored at all due to the fact I brought my PSP. I played Final Fantasy IV.

It was mostly grinding and a boss battle, but it helped pass the time. After that I exchanged the Dvr, I got Taco Bell and went home. Of course, when I got to main street I saw the sign inside Gamestop about job openings. SInce they were out of apps, I went to library and printed out the app. I play a got of game and al of my systems, including my NES, are in perfect working condition. (Yes, my NES still works O_O)

Okay, since I was in Main Street. I decided to grab milk tea. Now it's time for MILK TEA SHOP REVIEWS!


Milk Tea review )

Last but not least, Random Video time. This time I chose something nostalgic. As a litte girl, I occasionally watched Jem, but I wasn't that into the show. I re-watched it about two years ago, I vaguely remember liking the songs. Still, it was amusing to watch, I think I realize WHY I didn't like watching Jem. It's because I preferred the Misfits over Jem and the holograms. I find that pretty amusing. Then again, I always did prefer amazing or interesting villains over overly perfect protagonists. I find it amazing that even at that age I was picky about that sort of stuff. (It also explains why I stopped watching Stark Trek. Damn you, Wesley! *SHAKES FIST* Though, Will Wheaton is thoroughly amusing Xp It's that or Deep Space Nine)

So, while I was surfing Youtube, I found my favorite song, Takin' It All. Then, I found the same version of the song in Spanish 8DDD So, here is Llevatelo!

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Every single day I walk up at 8 or 9. Now most would get up with the sounds of a peaceful house. Noooo, I'm  not that lucky. Every morning since I can remember, I wake up to the sounds of my grandparents fighting. Mostly my grandmother fighting with my mom or Papi(My grandfather).

Today, I woke up and she was screaming at him. My grandmother claims to clean thing, but oly serves to mess up or step on things. Anyways, it was all quiet until Papi came home from visiting my mom. Then, the fighting started again and I got fed up. I went there and told to stop. Everyday, she starts fight with my grandfather and never stops.

Then, she come to yell at me and call me ungrateful. I constantly yell at her (lie) over things that she's never done (again lie). The only thing that she is doing is helping. Yes, she helps my mother by constantly reminding her of all the money that she borrowed. Helps by constantly saying if my mom had listened to her, we would have not lost the restaurant considering that she never had a business. She helps by constantly putting down my mom and I with back handed compliments. She helps by bringing up things that happened years ago and never lets us forget. Helps by constantly making my grandfather feel bad about his alcoholism, which he has been sober for 20+ years, when it was her fault for it in the first place. Helps by constantly reminding me I'm a failure because I'm not in school due to financial trouble. Helps by pointing out all the things I did wrong in the past, like "throwing her out". In reality, she was giving my mother a panick attack and told her to get out off the room. Helps by ruining any special events by saying the dress would look nice if I was thinner or the make-up I'm wearing makes me look like a whore/harlot.

Honestly, if this is "helping" then get the fuck out.

Really, it's not like she cares about me or my mother anyways. I think it's sad that I realized that my grandmother never loved me and no matter what I do, is never going to love me. I think it would have been easier to handle if I figured this out at the age of 20 or 18. No, I've known this fact since I was 8. It's even more frustrating to know that her other children treat her like dirt, but she thinks they're are the most wonderful people in the universe. Right now, I'm angry and tired. Tired over to having to fight this every couple of months. Tired of all the sadness and tears it brings even though, I know this fact. Most of a, I feel tired of the fact that when these fight happens my grandmother will never let me or anyone else live it down. Honesty, I'm tired of her and her bullshit.

I'm going to go watch something funny or play a game now. I need something to take my mind off this anger and frustration.
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So, most of this week has been uneventful. Apart from the fact that my DVR broke down and I went to Time Warner Cable building to fix it.

Anyways, yesterday Sam (MY BFF), David and I hung out. Sam and I met up at Main street. We were supposed to meet up at 2, but due to late bus, Sam ended up coming at around 3. Luckily we were supposed to meet David after he got off work at, so we took the train and talked a bit. Mostly about anime and music, I let her listen to Ofelia's theme from Pan's Labyrinth. Also, I got my hand smack b/c I told Sam that I'm watching Madoka. *SOB* Sam hits hard. Granted, I told her that she could hit me after I told what I was watching.

Anyways, we arrived to the Starbucks and waited for David. We talked about the expensiveness of Starbucks coffee. Eventually, David showed up and....I GOT A DSi!

He got himself a 3DS and bought a DSi last week. Since, he got it online at a discount, he couldn't return it. So, it was agreed that he would give it to me. YAAAY. David if you end up reading this THANK YOU AGAIN AND E-HUG. Anyways, we were going to go to Myers of Keswick. Since we first went to where David works, he ended up buying us waffles from the Dinges place and hot chocolate. My God, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. The chocolate was perfect too. It's neither too sweet nor the bitter.

After we ate our Dinges, we hoped on the train to Keswick. When we arrived, we followed David and went the WRONG WAY. Thankfully, with my hand dandy smartphone, we found which was the right way and went to the shop. David kept saying he was going to adopt a fake British accent, but we threatened not to know him if he did. He bought crisps, ginger beer and a chocolate bar. I bought Hobnobs and ginger beer. I adored the ginger beer.

They had this adorable little black cat in the store. He hopped up on the table and we pet him. Sam and I spent a good two minutes scratching the kitty~ Then before we left, the kitty licked my hand and rubbed against my hand ♥ (Okay he was marking me, but KITTY)

After that we went for a walk and found a pet shop where the puppy were super energetic. Sam payed with a Yorkie for a while while David had fun making the dogs look. I was busy having a staring contest with a dog. We had to admit that most of the puppies were super energetic. Also, we went a bit stupid and said 'Awwwwwe' a lot.

Afterwards, we walked more before stopping at a SB again and sat down for a minute. David and I had a Tetris match which I lost several time. We all decided to head back to Main to eat Popeye's. It was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. We had a long discuss about several topics, before we headed home.

I'll talk about Saturday later. I'm feeling sleepy.

Here is my daily random video~

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I sort of wish that DW had the option of adding more icons to your account instead of having to buy an account to get more. Oh well, not that it matters anyways.

Being Human Season 4 spoliers )

Good news, my Mom left the hospital yesterday! Yaaaaay! Of course, she was in Flushing for two weeks and it wasn't that bad. Okay, the food was bad, but they treated my mom waaaaaaaaaay better than they did in New York Hospital Queens. Seriously, if you happen to be in Queens and they want to send to New York Hospital Queens, say NO! Take me somewhere else.

Anyways, she's now back a the rehabilitation place. Hopefully, she won't need to be there for too long. I rather like the place since it's only an hour walk from our house to there. Flushing Hospital was convenient too since it was only 20 minute walk from our home. Granted, it's only an extra 10 minutes to walk to Main Street which isn't that bad. Still, I prefer taking the bus on really cold or hot day to get to main.

I been talking to my friend David for the last few days/nights. Mostly geek stuff. Aside from that, I'm playing more Final Fantasy IV. I'm facing Ashura who is a pain in the ass to fight. Seriously, I'm taking a break from fighting her since it's the same circle. Dispel, Reflect, and attack. Boooooring. Though, I'm tempted to turn off my PSP to run and get more healing stuff and level up more. I need to level up Egde more. He keeps dying. Grrr.

Aside, from that, I've been contemplating two things: cosplay and roleplaying.

Cosplaying: I'm sad that I won't be going to I-Con this year. Paul Mcgann is going to be there! THe 8th Doctor. Nooo, I want to gooooo. Still, I've made plan for future cosplays. First off, Donna! I'm planning to cosplay Donna Noble since I adore the be-jesus out of that woman. So, I need to get a better Donna wig. I found one, need to buy. Plus, I'm planning to do her Turn Left cosplay. The only difficult thing will be making the damned Time Bug.

Also, for Tiger&Bunny, I really want to cosplay Scarf-tan. I have the wig, shoes, and scarves. The only problem is her dress. I have no sewing skills at all so getting the dress or altering the dress will be the problem. DX Though, I could go the easy route and cosplay Mary the Hero TV camera woman. I have everything save the yellow windbreaker. Also, I want to cosplay Agnes cuz I adore her....Hmm, I wonder, I have long hair, I wonder if I could also cosplay Tomoe....

Roleplaying: I'm thinking of getting back into the problem is that I want to start off small and can't choose which character. I mean, there is Yachiru, which is an easy muse for me to handle' Rhode is also easy to handle, but the evilness and lack of family member sometimes make it a little hard. Though, not that hard. I'm contemplating picking up another muse, but I don't know who. Decision, decisions.

Also, random video time. One of my childhood tv series that I used to watch.

My childhood ladies and gentlemen...*hums the song that never ends*

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Well, thanks to my friend David, I am now the owner of Final Fantasy IV: the Complete Collection. I am ridiculously happy that I made an embarrassment of myself in Starbucks not one, but twice. Granted, I live in NY and in Flushing so no one thought it was weird. Though, I don't think it was weird for me to whisper, 'I love you' to the game. It did give David a good laugh.

So, I been playing the game. As usual, level grinding 8D Okay, I know it not good persay, but it's an ingrained habit. Besides, it get me more money and allows me to get the best armors for my party not matter what. (Also, I have ahuge supply of potion and hi-potions) Also, I love Cecil and don't want him to get hurt. (This applies to Palom, Porom, Rydia, Yang and Kain. No I don't hate or dislike Edward, Tellah and Rosa. I just like the other a bit more) Also, I can't wait to play the After Years. (Also, the game lies. it's not Cecil/Rosa, but RosaCecilKain, cuz OT3 baby. Okay that's in my mind, but I like it better that way -3-)


DGM and Musical number...I love it!

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Feb. 22nd, 2012 03:36 pm
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Dreanmwidth is different that LJ. It's also much prettier. Then again, I am baised over the color being pink and red. (Though, I will admit I had that I hate everything pink girl stage)

I need to start getting active on DW now.

Though, I do blame life for not letting me post and stuff. Also, blame Facebook. *Cough* I shall update later one after my shower.

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