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I don't like bugs. No, scratch that. I am TERRIFIED of bugs. Seriously, any single bug will make me scream like I am being murdered.

It's so bad that a few days ago I pretty much ran like it was a zombie invasion because a butterfly was stalking me, Yes, you read that right. Seriously, that butterfly chased me for two blocks. Yes, it do realize butterflies are gentle insect that won't hurt you, but it doesn't stop me from running THE FUCK away from it.

If you think that bad, you should see me when I'm confronted by ladybugs.....Yes, even ladybugs terrify me. (I can't watch any movies that deal with bugs. Incidentally, I love the Runaway bride episode, but the Spider queen like alien nearly made me stop watching. Thankfully, I can now watch the episode, but I think it has to due with the fact that I can say to myself, 'It's Doctor Who. Nothing on the show can ever come true. Be brave like Donna!'.

I am a former fan of Hetalia. I no longer read/watch the series. I've pretty much stopped reading all the fics related to the fandom, but I still love Liechtenstein. I also adore this video since it cheers me up on days that I've battle against bugs or any bad day. Also, I hate a weakness for cute adorable things.

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