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Tomorrow, I am going to go see The Avengers for a third time! Hooray! I'm going to go see it with my friend, David. Since the shawarma place is about a half an hour walk from there, we're going to eat at Hooters.

No lie, I've been wanting to check out Hooters since it first opened. Sadly, none of my friends have wanted to go there with me. Granted, I want to see with my own eyes what they say about the waitresses are true. Also, I want burgers and wings.

Anyways, I nearly finished watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I'm only about five or so episodes away from the series finale. Honestly, I'm so glad that I met Kaitlyn. Yeah, I'll admit now I'm sort of obsessed with Sentai, but I'll have someone to talk Sentai with. Also, I have a feeling that I'll soon be into Kamen Rider. Courtesy of Kaitlyn. Also, I need to keep reading the Doctor Who novel Kate sent me. I'm sooo thankful that Kate's been a Whovian longer than I am. Granted, she's feeding my Whovian side. (Shameless plugging, but check out her tumblr

I've seen the preview for Elementary. I'm not all that impressed. Then again, it could be the fact that I dislike Lucy Lu. Still, I'm willing to give the show a chance. I'm sort of sad they didn't make Joan an army doctor. Female army doctor need more love.

I know. I already posted this before but I still find this video amazing. Seriously, Simon has been on our side of the pond for too long. How can he NOT appreciate this?
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God, I just....XD I can't stop laughing. This is just too hilarious. Though, I can't help but think that Simon has spent a bit too much time in America to not appreciate this.

Now, excuse me. I need to go laugh some more.

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Anyways, all of last week and the week before was going to open calls and handing in resumes. So, far no call back or need to wait a few more til I get a response. I am impatient. Seriously, I'd be happier if someone just called me and said, 'Thank you for you time, but we decided to go with another person'. That way I'd stop being so antsy.

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Aside from that this week I have no idea what to do, but today will apparently the day a watch a fuckton of Kamen Rider episode. Thank you Katelyn....I feel over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about KM....DAMN YOU KATELYN! (Not really, I been want to get into it since forever'

Also, blame today's video on David. We talked about stuff and America and Britain's Got Talent. We say a bunch of vids and I was sworn to secrecy over something. Dave, if you happen to come across this. SEE I SAID NOTHING. Anyways, all I can say is enjoy Prince Poppycock...Man, that sentence felt weird to write. (I plan to dl on my phone, so I can show to my mum. She loves opera and she'd LOVE this video)

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I sort of wish that DW had the option of adding more icons to your account instead of having to buy an account to get more. Oh well, not that it matters anyways.

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Good news, my Mom left the hospital yesterday! Yaaaaay! Of course, she was in Flushing for two weeks and it wasn't that bad. Okay, the food was bad, but they treated my mom waaaaaaaaaay better than they did in New York Hospital Queens. Seriously, if you happen to be in Queens and they want to send to New York Hospital Queens, say NO! Take me somewhere else.

Anyways, she's now back a the rehabilitation place. Hopefully, she won't need to be there for too long. I rather like the place since it's only an hour walk from our house to there. Flushing Hospital was convenient too since it was only 20 minute walk from our home. Granted, it's only an extra 10 minutes to walk to Main Street which isn't that bad. Still, I prefer taking the bus on really cold or hot day to get to main.

I been talking to my friend David for the last few days/nights. Mostly geek stuff. Aside from that, I'm playing more Final Fantasy IV. I'm facing Ashura who is a pain in the ass to fight. Seriously, I'm taking a break from fighting her since it's the same circle. Dispel, Reflect, and attack. Boooooring. Though, I'm tempted to turn off my PSP to run and get more healing stuff and level up more. I need to level up Egde more. He keeps dying. Grrr.

Aside, from that, I've been contemplating two things: cosplay and roleplaying.

Cosplaying: I'm sad that I won't be going to I-Con this year. Paul Mcgann is going to be there! THe 8th Doctor. Nooo, I want to gooooo. Still, I've made plan for future cosplays. First off, Donna! I'm planning to cosplay Donna Noble since I adore the be-jesus out of that woman. So, I need to get a better Donna wig. I found one, need to buy. Plus, I'm planning to do her Turn Left cosplay. The only difficult thing will be making the damned Time Bug.

Also, for Tiger&Bunny, I really want to cosplay Scarf-tan. I have the wig, shoes, and scarves. The only problem is her dress. I have no sewing skills at all so getting the dress or altering the dress will be the problem. DX Though, I could go the easy route and cosplay Mary the Hero TV camera woman. I have everything save the yellow windbreaker. Also, I want to cosplay Agnes cuz I adore her....Hmm, I wonder, I have long hair, I wonder if I could also cosplay Tomoe....

Roleplaying: I'm thinking of getting back into the problem is that I want to start off small and can't choose which character. I mean, there is Yachiru, which is an easy muse for me to handle' Rhode is also easy to handle, but the evilness and lack of family member sometimes make it a little hard. Though, not that hard. I'm contemplating picking up another muse, but I don't know who. Decision, decisions.

Also, random video time. One of my childhood tv series that I used to watch.

My childhood ladies and gentlemen...*hums the song that never ends*

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