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So, my mother is getting out of the rehab place tomorrow. Which, makes me very happy. (Sadly, a small part of me is disappointed. Since, most of the time, I had the house to myself and did everything for myself. WHich I will miss)

Don't get me wrong. There is NOTHING bad about my mom getting out of rehab. I don't even have to woory to much about her care since we will have a in care nurse. (We're going to try to get 12 hours at most. Since my mom Lupus is still pretty bad. Hopefully, we get 24 hour care in the near fworries about payuture) Since she had medicare and medicaid, no worry about payments. My main worry is how the lawsuit will go. D8 Still, this makers me happy.

The main problem is that my grandmother came back from Peru yesterday. A part of me that is dutiful make me want to say, 'Even despite this I love my grandmother', but I can't. I tolerate her. I care for her. Yes, I sometimes lik her, but that is the best you will get out of me. Love what little love I had for the woman, along with patience, has evaporated. I would go on to explain why, but not right now. Considering how emotional I'm feeling, it'll end up super long entry with me feel sad and disappointed. Also, lots of tears. Additionally, like a mentioned in a past post, it won't help my depression. (Which for the most part been stable)

I don't feel like doing such a thing. Not now, my mom is coming home and I don't have to worry about that. Though, I will tell her what exactly will happen if she starts harassing my mother, or the nurse. My mother doesn't need the stress. Neither do I, but someone needs to put their foot down. t won't be my mother or Papi since they're too soft-hearted. (In my Papi's case, still madly in love)

Anyways, after that slightly depressing piece, I went to hang out with Abe this past Saturday. It was pretty fun! Though, I pretty sure it w asn't hanging out but a date. He pretty much paid for everything. I felt bad, so I limited myself on stuff. Ugh, Abe is a nice guy and we have a lot in common, but not looking for a relationship with anyone. I have too many things in my life to sort out before I even start doing important stuff like looking into finishing college and what I want to do in the future. Dating it the LAST thing on my mind.

Ugh, part of me just wants to sat that he was paying cuz he was a gentleman, but the more rational part of me says nope. *Sigh* I'm giving this another chance before I let him down and offer to be friends. Cuz, he's a cool guy. Also, I need another DW nerd to hang with.

We went to see Prometheus which wasn't bad. Sure, there where SO many things wrong with the movie, but I'm one those people that can turn off their brain for a little while and enjoy a movie. ESPECIALLY, if it's alien movie or a monster/horror movie.

Also, next month on the 17th of next month, going to be spending few days in Kaitlyn's house. 8D Well, bake, watch Doctor who and all kinds of things. Anyways, gonna check out now. Still, need to look into more jobs, I need to get hired soon GRRRR.

Oddly enough, hearing the Gokaiger theme never fails to cheer me up. Here all the ending put together. If you wondering what the hell Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It's Pirate Task Force aka Pirate Power Ranger...(from space)

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