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I will be crashing into my bed in a few, but just wanted to say that I went to the Midnight screening of the Avengers.

Soooo, many thing went wrong while trying to get to the theater. Lost my metrocard, both the buses came late etc. Thankfully, it didn't matter since there was a12:30 show and I made it to see that one.

OMG guys. It's a great movie. I would say it's flawless, but it has a few little things that could be fixed. For the most part it was a totally amazing movie and I'm glad that I say it opening night. Also, you have to have seen the other Marvel movies to understand. Okay, Hulk not really. You can get away with just seeing the first Iron Man movie, but Captain America along with Thor are a must in order to get the full Avengers story.

Still, such a good movie. I'm definitely gonna go see it again. Now, off to bed.

Also, the trailer for the Batman: Dark Rising was amazing. (SOOOO many movie trailers that make me wanna go see their movie)

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