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So, my mother is getting out of the rehab place tomorrow. Which, makes me very happy. (Sadly, a small part of me is disappointed. Since, most of the time, I had the house to myself and did everything for myself. WHich I will miss)

Don't get me wrong. There is NOTHING bad about my mom getting out of rehab. I don't even have to woory to much about her care since we will have a in care nurse. (We're going to try to get 12 hours at most. Since my mom Lupus is still pretty bad. Hopefully, we get 24 hour care in the near fworries about payuture) Since she had medicare and medicaid, no worry about payments. My main worry is how the lawsuit will go. D8 Still, this makers me happy.

The main problem is that my grandmother came back from Peru yesterday. A part of me that is dutiful make me want to say, 'Even despite this I love my grandmother', but I can't. I tolerate her. I care for her. Yes, I sometimes lik her, but that is the best you will get out of me. Love what little love I had for the woman, along with patience, has evaporated. I would go on to explain why, but not right now. Considering how emotional I'm feeling, it'll end up super long entry with me feel sad and disappointed. Also, lots of tears. Additionally, like a mentioned in a past post, it won't help my depression. (Which for the most part been stable)

I don't feel like doing such a thing. Not now, my mom is coming home and I don't have to worry about that. Though, I will tell her what exactly will happen if she starts harassing my mother, or the nurse. My mother doesn't need the stress. Neither do I, but someone needs to put their foot down. t won't be my mother or Papi since they're too soft-hearted. (In my Papi's case, still madly in love)

Anyways, after that slightly depressing piece, I went to hang out with Abe this past Saturday. It was pretty fun! Though, I pretty sure it w asn't hanging out but a date. He pretty much paid for everything. I felt bad, so I limited myself on stuff. Ugh, Abe is a nice guy and we have a lot in common, but not looking for a relationship with anyone. I have too many things in my life to sort out before I even start doing important stuff like looking into finishing college and what I want to do in the future. Dating it the LAST thing on my mind.

Ugh, part of me just wants to sat that he was paying cuz he was a gentleman, but the more rational part of me says nope. *Sigh* I'm giving this another chance before I let him down and offer to be friends. Cuz, he's a cool guy. Also, I need another DW nerd to hang with.

We went to see Prometheus which wasn't bad. Sure, there where SO many things wrong with the movie, but I'm one those people that can turn off their brain for a little while and enjoy a movie. ESPECIALLY, if it's alien movie or a monster/horror movie.

Also, next month on the 17th of next month, going to be spending few days in Kaitlyn's house. 8D Well, bake, watch Doctor who and all kinds of things. Anyways, gonna check out now. Still, need to look into more jobs, I need to get hired soon GRRRR.

Oddly enough, hearing the Gokaiger theme never fails to cheer me up. Here all the ending put together. If you wondering what the hell Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It's Pirate Task Force aka Pirate Power Ranger...(from space)

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I made French Toast today. Not that I've never cooked before or never made French toast before since I have, but I just wanted say that I made French toast. Also, I think I just like saying and typing French Toast. GO figure.

Anyways, Friday was pretty fun. Sam, my bff, joined David and I to see the Avengers. Granted, when we met up, she was pissed of as HELL. Since I do know Sam a lot longer, I usually kept chatting to David. (When she that pissed of, I let her calm do or else she'll just start snapping at people) David asked if she needed to talk it out. She said no. I explained to him that it's best just to let her cool down on her own.

Anyways, when we got on the Q17 we sat down. After a few minutes, Sam calmed down. I will admit I'm no comic geek. I know a fair bit about it since one of my former friends was a HUGE comic book lover. I learned quite a bit of comic book knowledge by way of Linkara and, oddly enough fanfiction. Though, thanks to the age of the internet, I've learned quite a bit about various superheroes. Anyways, I ended up talking a bit about Black Widow. I had told them that many people kept wondering why she was part of the Avenger movie. Anyways, I mention that Storm was part of the Avenger, but the main reason she, nor any other mutant, wouldn't appear in the Avenger's movie was because of Fox. (Fun Fact: X-men, along with any other Marvel superhero with mutant power, belongs to Fox. Save for Spiderman who is owned by Sony. Though, can Spiderman be classified as "mutant" since he got bitten by a radioactive spider 8|a) It evolved into a discussion about other Marvel super-heroines. Funnily enough, David did not know the name of the invisible woman, Susan Storm, and kept insisting the Jean Grey was her relative.

How he got that Idea I will never know.

Afterwards, we arrived to the theater. We bought our tickets to The Avengers. (Thank you stubs rewards~) Then, we made our way to Hooters, which is really just next to the theater. We got a very warm welcome by the staff which shouted their greetings. One thing I'd like to point out, sorry if it sounds out or plain weird, is that the girls, um assets were big, but I've seen bigger. (Mostly on most of the female in my family o_0) As from that weird fact, the food was delicious. They had a potato salad to DIE for. Seriously, I've gone to many place with potato salad and most have been 'meh' or okay. Also, the wings, we ordered boneless, we succulent and moist. I can't complain about the food.

Afterwards, we ran to theater 4 and find seats. We argued a bit about seating since the floor was super sticky, in the end we stayed. Thankfully, David end up in the seat the super sticky floor. BWAHAHA. I got the not sticky floor. Anyways, the movie was still great. THough, you could not find a LESS enthusiastic audience. Seriously, the last two audience were super into it. (I hope the next I go the audience will be more enthusiastic.)

Anyways, when we exited we talked about other movies that we wanted to see. We're all definitely gonna go see Spiderman and Batman. (We talked about midnight openings but David wouldn't be able to make them. If not me and Sam can go. If Sam can't go, then I'll go by myself 8p) Anyways,when we got on the bus we talked more about Marvel and Superhero movies. We talked of the future Antman movie which was met with groans. Also, Sam stated that she'd love to see Scarlet Witch in the next movie or She-hulk. I mentioned unless Marvel manages to to not connect either Scarlett Witch or Quicksilver as mutant or not mention Magneto as their father, it's unlikely. David did notice that no mentions of mutant were mentioned at all in the Avengers. (again, it's likely that Marvel studios wanted to avoid a lawsuit?)

Anyways, we ended talking about Avenger and sequels. We know most sequels tend to be bad, but maybe Iron Man 3 or even Avenger 2 might disprove that. Then we got into the Iron Man movies and the guys who played Rhodey. We all mention who was the better actor Terrance Howard or DOn Cheadle. While Cheadle wasn't bad, I preferred Howard. It was then the bus chimed in about Terrance being too greedy and pretty much screwed himself out of being War Machine, which is pretty much true. He pretty much would have made himself iconic, if he hadn't gotten greedy. (I find it hilarious that the bus driver chimed in too)

When we arrived to Main Street we talked about Stan Lee's cameo in the Avengers which was a gyp. We ended up talking about getting his autograph at the Next COmic Con. Also, how it will be a sad day when he finally passes on. Just thinking about such a thought make me teary eyed. Then, we all said good-bye. Afterwards, crazy me, instead of going to sleep watch Friday Night Who.

We watched Frontier in Space. By the time that ended, at around 3am, I was exhausted.

I cannot wait til this week. I will have the Second season on Xena in my grasp. MWAHAHAHA. Anyways, I'm off to sleep.

I hope the job I applied for calls me back this week. I'll give til this Tuesday before I apply to the other two place near me.

Also I leave you with this

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Tomorrow, I am going to go see The Avengers for a third time! Hooray! I'm going to go see it with my friend, David. Since the shawarma place is about a half an hour walk from there, we're going to eat at Hooters.

No lie, I've been wanting to check out Hooters since it first opened. Sadly, none of my friends have wanted to go there with me. Granted, I want to see with my own eyes what they say about the waitresses are true. Also, I want burgers and wings.

Anyways, I nearly finished watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I'm only about five or so episodes away from the series finale. Honestly, I'm so glad that I met Kaitlyn. Yeah, I'll admit now I'm sort of obsessed with Sentai, but I'll have someone to talk Sentai with. Also, I have a feeling that I'll soon be into Kamen Rider. Courtesy of Kaitlyn. Also, I need to keep reading the Doctor Who novel Kate sent me. I'm sooo thankful that Kate's been a Whovian longer than I am. Granted, she's feeding my Whovian side. (Shameless plugging, but check out her tumblr

I've seen the preview for Elementary. I'm not all that impressed. Then again, it could be the fact that I dislike Lucy Lu. Still, I'm willing to give the show a chance. I'm sort of sad they didn't make Joan an army doctor. Female army doctor need more love.

I know. I already posted this before but I still find this video amazing. Seriously, Simon has been on our side of the pond for too long. How can he NOT appreciate this?
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I have successfully made curry bot once, but twice. Whoohoo. This  mean I don't have to want to main street and to Noodle West to get their curry. I can now make Japanese curry at home. Now, all I need to do is learn to make rice ball and then I'm set. 8D

Aside from that, it's been a boring week. I am now reading the Hunger Games.
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I realize my mind becomes a dangerous pace when hyped up on tea and sugar.

Anyways, I was suffering around and ended up reading a post about that once you're an adult you can't like kid things. Frankly, I think that is bullshit. I'm 23 and still think Cocoa Puffs is the BEST CEREAL EVER. (I eat other cereal, but Cocoa puffs and Lucky Charms rock my socks) Granted, I do eat other cereals, but I love Puffs the best. Did you know, that I once went to the supermarket and got the dirtiest look from some woman for buying Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms? Seriously, she looked at me like I had killed someone's puppy.

It's CEREAL not brain surgery. Besides, I don't give a damn. I'll eat kiddie cereals if I like and drink juice boxes, too. B| ......Now I have a hanker for a happy meal....If only for the toy XD Anyways, my grandmother thinks I'm off for liking cartoons and the such...Okay, MY Little Pony is for little girls, but it's still a good series. (Sam smacks my hand whenever I mention ponies 8C) Honestly, I don't get the whole, you can't watch series that isn't part of you age range. I mean, I remember being 12 and watching Blue's Clue's.

I thought Steven was hilarious and Blue adorable~ I knew about a few other kids in my class watched it in secret. Of course, nearly everyone one ridiculed me for liking stuff that wasn't normals. (I liked musicals, Harry Potter, Invader ZIm, Rugrats and DBZ) Granted, they thought I was a baby and weird for not watching Sex and the City. (Catholic schoolers ladies and gentlemen) We were all 12. I watched SitC once and was bored to death. (At the age of 12, 18 and 22) I still don't get the appeal. Was it because it was an "adult" show?

I never tried to act grown up when I was a kid. I liked what I like and got ridiculed for it. (I remember the Hanson craze. I don't even know why the girls in my class liked them) I did get on board on the Boy band craze....Of course, at the time, it was to 'WRONG" boy band. I was, and still sorta am, a N*Sync fan. Of course, I became popular when they realized I liked the band, but told them to F8ck off cuz I had like them before they were famous. :P

Now back to original topic, I'm still wondering why Sex in the City was what everyone was talking about in 8th grade. To me, it was boring show about women who talked about their sex life...I still don't get the show. Granted, it could be the fact I have no interest in sex what so ever. Though, I think my reasoning for everyone liking that show cuz it was new and forbidden~ It was "grown-up" show....Okay, now I'm thinking too hard about it and giving myself a headache.

Still hate Sex and the City though! I never got into Buffy either....The only show I remember being into was Charmed, I remember liking the Last season of Angel. Granted I had no frikkin cue what was going on, but it was fun to watch. I did end up loving Supernatural and Smallville. Sadly, my interest in Smallville died somewhere between Tess and...Oliver Queen's appearance. As for Supernatural, the series finished at season 5. Season 6 and 7 don't exist. Lalalalalala. *Sticks finger into ears*

Seriously, I liked Lisa and the fact that Dean finally got himself a normal little family. (This is coming for a Castiel/Dean fangirl XD) SO, yeah happy ending. In my mind, it was Lisa, Ben and Dean living together with Dean trying to adjust to civilian life with the occasionally Castiel visit. Castiel became the weird Angel!Uncle while Ben tries, just like Dean, to show the angel the wonderfulness of what boys his age like. Castiel keeps not getting, but tries anyways since it's "FUN'. Lisa is amused by this and still a little freaked out that they have an angel that regularly visits them.

What? I sometimes like nice happy endings.

I'm looking through a list of anime. I know I should finish trying to watch Madoka since it's very interesting, but don't have the motivation to finish. I'm also wondering what other show to watch. I have no clue.

Oh, I'm gonna go visit my mom tomorrow! She's at the rehab place. (By rehab, I mean to hep her walk again, not the other kind) She's managed to walk with a little bit of help. I have no clue how much longer she'll be there, but I hope maybe not too long. Still, I'm happy that she is getting better. I'm sorta hoping next week come sooner, since the Gamestop manager won't get there ti' next week. Still, looking at other jobs jic GS doesn't work out. ( Sorta hope it does)

Also, this isn't so much a random video as much as one my favoritee Nostalgia Critic reviews. While, it not my absolute favorite, since that goes to many different ones. (Though my tos favorite are Babes in Toyland, IT and Nostalgia Critic Christmas. FOr crossover, it has to be Ferngully, Leprechaun and Suburban Knights.) Anyways, her's the Nostalgia Critics review of Casper!

Casper~ )
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So, most of this week has been uneventful. Apart from the fact that my DVR broke down and I went to Time Warner Cable building to fix it.

Anyways, yesterday Sam (MY BFF), David and I hung out. Sam and I met up at Main street. We were supposed to meet up at 2, but due to late bus, Sam ended up coming at around 3. Luckily we were supposed to meet David after he got off work at, so we took the train and talked a bit. Mostly about anime and music, I let her listen to Ofelia's theme from Pan's Labyrinth. Also, I got my hand smack b/c I told Sam that I'm watching Madoka. *SOB* Sam hits hard. Granted, I told her that she could hit me after I told what I was watching.

Anyways, we arrived to the Starbucks and waited for David. We talked about the expensiveness of Starbucks coffee. Eventually, David showed up and....I GOT A DSi!

He got himself a 3DS and bought a DSi last week. Since, he got it online at a discount, he couldn't return it. So, it was agreed that he would give it to me. YAAAY. David if you end up reading this THANK YOU AGAIN AND E-HUG. Anyways, we were going to go to Myers of Keswick. Since we first went to where David works, he ended up buying us waffles from the Dinges place and hot chocolate. My God, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. The chocolate was perfect too. It's neither too sweet nor the bitter.

After we ate our Dinges, we hoped on the train to Keswick. When we arrived, we followed David and went the WRONG WAY. Thankfully, with my hand dandy smartphone, we found which was the right way and went to the shop. David kept saying he was going to adopt a fake British accent, but we threatened not to know him if he did. He bought crisps, ginger beer and a chocolate bar. I bought Hobnobs and ginger beer. I adored the ginger beer.

They had this adorable little black cat in the store. He hopped up on the table and we pet him. Sam and I spent a good two minutes scratching the kitty~ Then before we left, the kitty licked my hand and rubbed against my hand ♥ (Okay he was marking me, but KITTY)

After that we went for a walk and found a pet shop where the puppy were super energetic. Sam payed with a Yorkie for a while while David had fun making the dogs look. I was busy having a staring contest with a dog. We had to admit that most of the puppies were super energetic. Also, we went a bit stupid and said 'Awwwwwe' a lot.

Afterwards, we walked more before stopping at a SB again and sat down for a minute. David and I had a Tetris match which I lost several time. We all decided to head back to Main to eat Popeye's. It was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. We had a long discuss about several topics, before we headed home.

I'll talk about Saturday later. I'm feeling sleepy.

Here is my daily random video~

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I sort of wish that DW had the option of adding more icons to your account instead of having to buy an account to get more. Oh well, not that it matters anyways.

Being Human Season 4 spoliers )

Good news, my Mom left the hospital yesterday! Yaaaaay! Of course, she was in Flushing for two weeks and it wasn't that bad. Okay, the food was bad, but they treated my mom waaaaaaaaaay better than they did in New York Hospital Queens. Seriously, if you happen to be in Queens and they want to send to New York Hospital Queens, say NO! Take me somewhere else.

Anyways, she's now back a the rehabilitation place. Hopefully, she won't need to be there for too long. I rather like the place since it's only an hour walk from our house to there. Flushing Hospital was convenient too since it was only 20 minute walk from our home. Granted, it's only an extra 10 minutes to walk to Main Street which isn't that bad. Still, I prefer taking the bus on really cold or hot day to get to main.

I been talking to my friend David for the last few days/nights. Mostly geek stuff. Aside from that, I'm playing more Final Fantasy IV. I'm facing Ashura who is a pain in the ass to fight. Seriously, I'm taking a break from fighting her since it's the same circle. Dispel, Reflect, and attack. Boooooring. Though, I'm tempted to turn off my PSP to run and get more healing stuff and level up more. I need to level up Egde more. He keeps dying. Grrr.

Aside, from that, I've been contemplating two things: cosplay and roleplaying.

Cosplaying: I'm sad that I won't be going to I-Con this year. Paul Mcgann is going to be there! THe 8th Doctor. Nooo, I want to gooooo. Still, I've made plan for future cosplays. First off, Donna! I'm planning to cosplay Donna Noble since I adore the be-jesus out of that woman. So, I need to get a better Donna wig. I found one, need to buy. Plus, I'm planning to do her Turn Left cosplay. The only difficult thing will be making the damned Time Bug.

Also, for Tiger&Bunny, I really want to cosplay Scarf-tan. I have the wig, shoes, and scarves. The only problem is her dress. I have no sewing skills at all so getting the dress or altering the dress will be the problem. DX Though, I could go the easy route and cosplay Mary the Hero TV camera woman. I have everything save the yellow windbreaker. Also, I want to cosplay Agnes cuz I adore her....Hmm, I wonder, I have long hair, I wonder if I could also cosplay Tomoe....

Roleplaying: I'm thinking of getting back into the problem is that I want to start off small and can't choose which character. I mean, there is Yachiru, which is an easy muse for me to handle' Rhode is also easy to handle, but the evilness and lack of family member sometimes make it a little hard. Though, not that hard. I'm contemplating picking up another muse, but I don't know who. Decision, decisions.

Also, random video time. One of my childhood tv series that I used to watch.

My childhood ladies and gentlemen...*hums the song that never ends*

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