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So, I've been on a bit of a nostalgia kick. This pretty much means I went to youtube and looked for all of my old favorite cartoon series. So be forewarned, this post will contain a lot of video and short rambling about said series.
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Well, that's the list. I have a LOT more stuff I used to watch back in the day, but this it for now.

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I don't like bugs. No, scratch that. I am TERRIFIED of bugs. Seriously, any single bug will make me scream like I am being murdered.

It's so bad that a few days ago I pretty much ran like it was a zombie invasion because a butterfly was stalking me, Yes, you read that right. Seriously, that butterfly chased me for two blocks. Yes, it do realize butterflies are gentle insect that won't hurt you, but it doesn't stop me from running THE FUCK away from it.

If you think that bad, you should see me when I'm confronted by ladybugs.....Yes, even ladybugs terrify me. (I can't watch any movies that deal with bugs. Incidentally, I love the Runaway bride episode, but the Spider queen like alien nearly made me stop watching. Thankfully, I can now watch the episode, but I think it has to due with the fact that I can say to myself, 'It's Doctor Who. Nothing on the show can ever come true. Be brave like Donna!'.

I am a former fan of Hetalia. I no longer read/watch the series. I've pretty much stopped reading all the fics related to the fandom, but I still love Liechtenstein. I also adore this video since it cheers me up on days that I've battle against bugs or any bad day. Also, I hate a weakness for cute adorable things.

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Anyways, all of last week and the week before was going to open calls and handing in resumes. So, far no call back or need to wait a few more til I get a response. I am impatient. Seriously, I'd be happier if someone just called me and said, 'Thank you for you time, but we decided to go with another person'. That way I'd stop being so antsy.

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Aside from that this week I have no idea what to do, but today will apparently the day a watch a fuckton of Kamen Rider episode. Thank you Katelyn....I feel over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about KM....DAMN YOU KATELYN! (Not really, I been want to get into it since forever'

Also, blame today's video on David. We talked about stuff and America and Britain's Got Talent. We say a bunch of vids and I was sworn to secrecy over something. Dave, if you happen to come across this. SEE I SAID NOTHING. Anyways, all I can say is enjoy Prince Poppycock...Man, that sentence felt weird to write. (I plan to dl on my phone, so I can show to my mum. She loves opera and she'd LOVE this video)

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Just a question to those on my DW friend list that have paid accounts. Is it worth getting it? I mean, I'm a big fan of extra icons and stuff, but apart from that are there any other features that are worth getting a paid account? Aside from everything that hey have listed? (DW, why can't you just

Okay, I am miffed. The molly tea was finally available, but as I was trying to buy it there wasn't enough money of my credit card which was easy to fix. Then, when I tried to get it, the site won't let me.....Nooooooo, so close! *SOB* I'll get you Molly Hooper, if it's the last thing I'll do! (Points for anyone who recognizes that quote Xp)

Anyways, visited my mom today. She can walk now! 8D Also, her feet aren't in an odd position, but normal and her ankles aren't swollen. Hurray!

Okay, it time for bubble tea review, but here's a little history about me, bubble tea and Quickly's.

Now, I'm not sure when bubble became big. My first ever time tasting bubble tea was sometime in 2003. It was at a little manga/tea place that no longer exists. Now, I tried it there for the first time and was hooked. (I also met my BFF Sam there) Anyways, after it closed down, I discovered quickly purely by accident and was hooked. Then, about a few (maybe 2 or more years ago) I stopped going there due to taste reasons and that flavor being unbearable sweet. Now, since I love bubble tea and I promised myself I'd review all the places...It mean review all the Quickly's in main....

Onto the Bubble tea review!

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I racked my brain on which videos to post today. Until, I decided to put up the first ever non-Sailor Moon AMV I saw. Oddly enough, I found this video hilarious. Oddly enough after so many years, I only know 4 of the anime they used. (Utena, Slayers, Project A-ko and Visions of Escaflowne) Also, at this point I knew nothing about Slayers, so the Gourry made go 8|a. Anyways, about a few years later, I did end up watching it and fell in love with the series.

Sorry for multiple edits since the cut function is refusing to work Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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So, I dropped of my job application at Gamestop today. With any luck, I'm get and interview and possibly a job soon. Hooray~

Apart from that I went to exchange my DVR on Saturday. I feel a bit stupid thinking it was going to be a quick affair. Well, trading it in was a quick affair. The man just nodded and got me a replacement DVR. No, the reason it took me nearly 4 hours for a quick trip that should have lasted an hour was the waiting time. There was a huge line of people. It took me about an hour before I was able to talk to a rep. Still, I wasn't bored at all due to the fact I brought my PSP. I played Final Fantasy IV.

It was mostly grinding and a boss battle, but it helped pass the time. After that I exchanged the Dvr, I got Taco Bell and went home. Of course, when I got to main street I saw the sign inside Gamestop about job openings. SInce they were out of apps, I went to library and printed out the app. I play a got of game and al of my systems, including my NES, are in perfect working condition. (Yes, my NES still works O_O)

Okay, since I was in Main Street. I decided to grab milk tea. Now it's time for MILK TEA SHOP REVIEWS!


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Last but not least, Random Video time. This time I chose something nostalgic. As a litte girl, I occasionally watched Jem, but I wasn't that into the show. I re-watched it about two years ago, I vaguely remember liking the songs. Still, it was amusing to watch, I think I realize WHY I didn't like watching Jem. It's because I preferred the Misfits over Jem and the holograms. I find that pretty amusing. Then again, I always did prefer amazing or interesting villains over overly perfect protagonists. I find it amazing that even at that age I was picky about that sort of stuff. (It also explains why I stopped watching Stark Trek. Damn you, Wesley! *SHAKES FIST* Though, Will Wheaton is thoroughly amusing Xp It's that or Deep Space Nine)

So, while I was surfing Youtube, I found my favorite song, Takin' It All. Then, I found the same version of the song in Spanish 8DDD So, here is Llevatelo!

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