Mar. 3rd, 2012

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So, most of this week has been uneventful. Apart from the fact that my DVR broke down and I went to Time Warner Cable building to fix it.

Anyways, yesterday Sam (MY BFF), David and I hung out. Sam and I met up at Main street. We were supposed to meet up at 2, but due to late bus, Sam ended up coming at around 3. Luckily we were supposed to meet David after he got off work at, so we took the train and talked a bit. Mostly about anime and music, I let her listen to Ofelia's theme from Pan's Labyrinth. Also, I got my hand smack b/c I told Sam that I'm watching Madoka. *SOB* Sam hits hard. Granted, I told her that she could hit me after I told what I was watching.

Anyways, we arrived to the Starbucks and waited for David. We talked about the expensiveness of Starbucks coffee. Eventually, David showed up and....I GOT A DSi!

He got himself a 3DS and bought a DSi last week. Since, he got it online at a discount, he couldn't return it. So, it was agreed that he would give it to me. YAAAY. David if you end up reading this THANK YOU AGAIN AND E-HUG. Anyways, we were going to go to Myers of Keswick. Since we first went to where David works, he ended up buying us waffles from the Dinges place and hot chocolate. My God, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. The chocolate was perfect too. It's neither too sweet nor the bitter.

After we ate our Dinges, we hoped on the train to Keswick. When we arrived, we followed David and went the WRONG WAY. Thankfully, with my hand dandy smartphone, we found which was the right way and went to the shop. David kept saying he was going to adopt a fake British accent, but we threatened not to know him if he did. He bought crisps, ginger beer and a chocolate bar. I bought Hobnobs and ginger beer. I adored the ginger beer.

They had this adorable little black cat in the store. He hopped up on the table and we pet him. Sam and I spent a good two minutes scratching the kitty~ Then before we left, the kitty licked my hand and rubbed against my hand ♥ (Okay he was marking me, but KITTY)

After that we went for a walk and found a pet shop where the puppy were super energetic. Sam payed with a Yorkie for a while while David had fun making the dogs look. I was busy having a staring contest with a dog. We had to admit that most of the puppies were super energetic. Also, we went a bit stupid and said 'Awwwwwe' a lot.

Afterwards, we walked more before stopping at a SB again and sat down for a minute. David and I had a Tetris match which I lost several time. We all decided to head back to Main to eat Popeye's. It was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. We had a long discuss about several topics, before we headed home.

I'll talk about Saturday later. I'm feeling sleepy.

Here is my daily random video~

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