Mar. 10th, 2012

kinirokitsune: Jade reading while sitting on Peony (Reading a book)
I got bored today, so I did my nails. I think they came out okay. The only thing that bothers me, which is nothing major, is that the gold polish on my right pointer finger looks odd and lumpy. Also, forgive me on the bad pic quality. I used my smart phone to take the pictures since the charger to my camera has disappeared.


Aside from that, today was pretty boring. I am also hooked to NCIS. Damn you USA channel for having interesting shows! *SHAKES FIST*

Also, this meme was blatantly stolen from [profile] fairswells It's pretty much a question meme t get to know all my new journal friends.

Thar be a meme beneath here )

Has you guys been reading any good books lately? I haven't read anything in the longest time and I want to find a few things to read. My only stipulation is no Romance novels....and...that's it I think.

Also, this is one of my favorite movie. This was the first Leslie Neilson movie and vampire movie that I ever saw.

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