Mar. 15th, 2012

kinirokitsune: (Yaaay)
Sorry, I haven't post in the last few days~ I've been busy the last few days, but I have been reading journal. Sorry, I haven't posted comments! My brain refused to cooperate.

So, Gamestop hasn't called, but I'm still hoping they might contact me since they only took done the 'We're accepting applications' today. Besides, the guy said last Tuesday he wouldn't be in til this week. So, I'm still hopeful, but I'm still applying for other stuff jic

Anyways, went to visit Mom on Tuesday and then met up with Sam. We ate at BK then walked to my house which was only a 1/2 hour walk from Main Street. We talked about a few topics that I won't repeat since they are "hot" topics. Anyways, when we got here we watch a bunch of videos and played a little of FF9 which she let me borrow. 8D I made tea for her and me. We enjoyed it. (She loved the Molly tea)

I visited my Mom today again. She is doing great. I walked home and visited Chatime and bought some bubble tea. At the moment, I cannot find the review I wrote done, but I did buy another bubble in case I can't find it.

Anyways, I've been thinking of taking up knitting since it will keep hands busy. I have a tendency to bite my nails if I get nervous. Though, I haven't done such a thing yet since ya know I have nail polish on. Anyone here has knitted before and know good books that teach knitting? I could teach myself to sew, but that require stealing my gran's needles and she tends to ask questions. X\

Apart from that, I have NO IDEA WHY, but I am learning the Renai Circulation dance. It's moderately hard. Okay, the thing that I keep meesing up is the hands movement in the beginning. Why is it that this is tougher to learn than the BAd Apple Dance, but that one is hard too. Though, the feet movement is easier, but the timing is a bit harder for me, but I'll get it eventually....

Tomorrow, I am heading to Sam's place to eat and do stuff. Saturday I am hanging with David. So, plans...I has them!

Here is the dance I am attempting to learn. Yeah, it's arm part that I keep messing in the begging. Everything else is, oddly enough, cake.

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