Mar. 26th, 2012

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Sorry, that I've been sort DOA on DW. I fully blame my weakness for new games and of course puzzles. Thankfully, I finished the game, so the need to play is out of my system. Also...DAMN YOU LAYTON! YOU'RE ENDING MADE ME CRYYYY. Seriously, it was a pretty sad ending. Though, the credits made the game end on a happier....Unfortunately, it makes me want to buy ALLLL the other Layton games in existance....Well, the ones that exist in the US.

Anyways, last week I went to visit my mom mom twice. The first time, I brought her some frozen yogurt from Red Mango. Somehow, I knew that she would want some and I bought one for my grandpa too. My mom really liked it since it had been so long that she ate frozen yogurt or ice cream. Anyways, visited her for a short while the first day before walking back home. The second time, I went there in the hopes of fixing a problem that I thought was needed. In the end, I didn't need to go but managed to snag some rice balls along the way. It ended up being a win/win situation. Whoo

The rest of the week was pretty much uneventful. Well, other than the fact I was practicing all the old parapara dances that I haven't practices in a while. So, I've had to sorta re-learn so parts. (Mostly is was Cirno's Math Class dance that I need to practice) Speaking of dances, I can now do the first minute of the Bad Apple dance! Yay! It's taken me about two weeks, which is no bad. Sure, it's longer than expected, but it's a difficult dance.

I managed to see the first two episode of Legend of Korra. I won't gush and say that it's a perfect show since it isn't, but it's pretty good. I like Korra. She's not my favorite, still a little too early to decide but Bolin is deingfinitely steal my heart. It was nice to see that despite being the Avatar, Korra is still punish. Also, Tenzin is hilariously seriously. Though, my favorite is Meela, quiet yet snarky. I'm looking forward to see what the future episode bring. Though, I did go "Noooooooooo' when I found out Aang was dead. I'm also dreading to find out which other character died. (Please, not Toph or Suki)

Today, my grandfather and I went to the airport the change money. It was fairly straight forward. I fell asleep on the bus while going to the airport.

Also, the random video. It's a list of Hispanic Heroes....YAY! The only heroes I don't know was Admiral Adama. Everyone else, I grew up. Granted, I only watch the Santo movies once or twice and was bored to death.

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