Apr. 5th, 2012

kinirokitsune: (You talkin to me?)
I swear to GOD I hated my fucking laptop. I mean, it's a temperamental bitch. Seriously, it was work fine then BOOM. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

It was like all, "Nope, you not gonna mess with me man. FUCK I AM REBELLING!' Then about a day ago, I turn it on and working properly. Okay, no I reset it manufacturer settings then it started behaving itself. Seriously, Jesus Christ on a fucking pogo stick. When I get a job, FIRST THING IMMA GONNA DO IT BUY A NEW LAPTOP.

Okay, no. First pay check is gonna a for serious clothes shopping spree. I am going with Step cuz she has fashion sense. Also, maybe Sam but maybe not. She may be my BBF, but seriously not it much girly stuff.

Anyways, with my anger against technology abated. (Though, I got rid most of it on the first day by screaming into my pillow then playing KH and wailing on heartless and baddies....Mostly wailing on Tidus) A few things have happened in the meantime I was gone. Also, gonna start reading journals since my smartphone says hell to dw,

I did get to see the Hunger Games last Tuesday. I have to say, the movie really is well worth all the reviews is has gotten. Granted, the thing the did annoy me a bit was all the shakey cam that they used through the film. Still, it didn't take away from the movie but was one little aspect that served to not make it a super fantastic film. Also, I guess the romance thing sorta annoyed me, but not THAT much. I mean, I dislike romance in action movies, but this one was alright. Granted it came a little too fast for me, considering the circumstances in the movie, it does make sense. It makes me want to go read the books to see if it's any difference. The whole romance bit especially. Though, I heard there was a bit more romance in the book than the movie. If you can't guess. I am not a fan of romance films.

Also, last Saturday I was supposed to meet with Sam, but frikkin overslept. Anyways, we were supposed to go see Hunger Games. (Yes, again) In the end we didn't since it was too late by the time we would get there. Anyways, we made our way to Manhattan and entered the LUSH store there. It was really nice and we got free facials. I got some sample to use for home which are working alright with my somewhat finicky skin. (Combination and sensitive? HELL NAH)

Anyways! The girl at the LUSH store? She was part of the NY JEDI. Eeeeeh. I love the NY JEDI. Not a real big Star Wars geek, but I love watching them perform~ So, she was one the fighters that goes there to fight. Anyways, I told her how sad I was that NYJ did go this year to Comic Con. Seriously, it was the one thing to look forward to. She was so happy to find out that someone was into and liked her character. Anyways, she was really sweet and a geek girl. We talked a whole bunch about cosplaying, wig etc. Afterwards, Sam and I went to Kinokuniya to look at stuff before the closed. Afterwards, we went to eat pizza and went home.

Anyways, I FINALLY found my mom's birth certificate. Phew. Seriously, my mom's closet has too much stuff in there. TONS OF PURSES. They're not the TINY ones, but the big ass one. Still, after so long I found it. (Okay, my grandfather found it, but I've looked through the pile at least 3 times. So, no wonder I did want to look through it again.) So, tomorrow off to see her and give the social worker a copy so my mom can have Medicaid, yay! Phew. At least I'll know that my mom won't have to worry about medical expenses is she has Medicaid. ME?

I'm healthy. If I find a job that offers healthcare. Sweet~ If not, I find affordable healthcare. Anyways, I've applied to a few waitress jobs. I mean, I have experience. Three damn years working in my mom's restaurant before that jerk swindled out my mom's hard earned cash. (WE WILL SUE THAT MAN) Also, TIPS MAN. TIPS

Anyways, this is me signing off. So, have some Lumberjacks~

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